Hidden Survivors Report: uncovering the mental health struggles of young british muslims

BCBN, in partnership with the University of East London, School of Psychology launched a landmark report on mental health in the Muslim community ‘Hidden Survivors’, a report on the mental health of young British Muslims. The report highlights the need to address the causes of poor health outcomes among minority ethnic groups by tackling structural racism and negative experiences that deter Muslims from accessing services, as well the importance of faith and culturally sensitive services to improve health outcomes.

The report was built off the back of a growing concern within Muslim communities across the UK regarding young Muslims mental well-being against a climate of increased economic and social challenges, growing Islamophobia in the media and online, and the academic pressures of youth. Our report takes a thorough look at the obstacles faced by young Muslims in their battle to maintain their mental health. We centre their voices to make key recommendations to ensure positive, impactful change for some of the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged young people in British Society.