Where traditionally research has been conducted about Muslim communities, the Centre for the Study of Wellbeing´s vision is to create spaces within which Muslims can lead on their own narrative and set the agenda in terms of how wellbeing is defined and measured for Muslim communities, particularly within pluralistic context.

Their work focuses on two primary strands:

  1. Undertaking research regarding contemporary wellbeing related matters, designed to create impact at a grassroots level, with benefits reaching wider society.
  2. Embedding of research and academia within wellbeing expertise held at a grassroots level in order to develop, highlight, share, and provide robust evidence of innovative community initiatives, and further provide opportunities for strengthening such initiatives.

Wellbeing within this context is defined as a holistic approach to health, exploring social, psychological, spiritual, and physical health and wellbeing. Contextual factors relating to living in a pluralistic society is deemed integral to this. Visit study of wellbeing (mihe.ac.uk)